How long does it take to test leak and replace the gas in my car?

A: Each car takes a minimum of 1 hour. Allow about 1-1.5 hours for the job to be completed. You are welcome to wait in our waiting room, we have cold water available and you may use our WIFI whilst waiting. You could also plan to leave your car and return. We are 200m for James Street that offers trendy shops and cafes and beautiful Burleigh Heads beach is 600m away. Stockland Shopping centre is also about 1km away.

How long does a car service take?
A: A car service takes a minimum of 1.5 hours. You may be asked to leave your car for a longer period of time if required.
Q: What if the car needs additional repairs? How much will this cost?
A: Freeze Breeze will contact you to discuss any additional repairs and costs to the repair prior to commencing any additional work.
Q: How often should my car be serviced?
A: At least every 6 months or 10000km.
Q: Why should my car be serviced every 6 months or 10000km?
A: To highlight any faults that are present and to keep your car in good running order. Just like the human body, a car can wear out and require repair.
Q: Do you take EFTPOS?
A: Payment can be made via EFTPOS, bank transfer or by cash payment.
Q: Do you perform roadworthies?
A: We can repair mechanical work required to make the car roadworthy. Freeze Breeze can arrange for your car to be roadworthy checked by a licensed roadworthy centre at your convenience while the car is with us for repairs.
Q: What gas is used in the regas of my car?
A: R134A is used in the regas of your car. John at Freeze Breeze is an ARC Licensed car air conditioning specialist through the Australian Refrigeration Council and is qualified to test for refrigerant leaks, replace damaged components, repair faulty sensors and replace the refrigerant.
Q: Can I just top my car up with any refrigerant?
A: All un-roadworthy cars should not be driven. No, only a licensed air onditioning specialist licensed with the Refrigeration Council can look after your cars air conditioning requirements. Gas cannot just be “topped” up.
Q: Can I drive my car safely if it is deemed to not be roadworthy, even if I drove it to the workshop?
A: All un-roadworthy cars should not be driven. All un-roadworthy cars should not be driven.